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“Napvilág” publishing house


Our publishing house brings out the results of the researches in social sciences and modern history that are realised in the intellectual circles of the Foundation of Political History and gives great attention to the publicity of the studies, scientific conference materials and monographs produced in the Hungarian social science workshops. It regards it vitally important to promote works that facilitate the dialogue between the political and intellectual sphere.

The publishing house also holds it its duty to give the Hungarian audience access to the international literature of the social critical thinking. It draws from the wide scale of critical social sciences throughout the elaboration of its publishing plan, and tries to accommodate to the changing demands of the Hungarian tertiary education.

To maintain the order and the transparency of its profile the publishing house arranges a part of its publications into series.

The history of “Napvilág” publishing house has been closely linked to the history of the Hungarian transformation after 1989. As the recent political developments indicate that this transformation has entered a new era it is time for “Napvilág” to reconsider its place and future role as a publishing house and a forum of scientific thinking as well as an actor to renew the Hungarian social democracy.

The publishing house’s mission is unchanged: to provide a critical analysis of the 20th century Hungarian history by publishing materials based on the most recent scientific research in this field. However, as a representative of Hungarian and European social democratic ideas, “Napvilág” has a further duty: to respond to new political developments and to strongly display new accents in politics. It is particularly important to reach new audiences with its new publications. From the perspective of the future of Hungarian social democracy the key issue is to reach the younger generation. According to some research the younger generation is very interested in history and considers, or more precisely should consider, Europe as a natural part of their lives.

Having identified these goals, “Napvilág” wishes to publish several books to assist Hungarians to reach a reasonable knowledge on their recent national history. Currently we are preparing a series of books on the most important milestones of Hungarian history, written by noted historians (some belonging to the younger generation of scholars). We also plan to bring near the results of researches carried out by different scientific trends and schools by creating consensus between their evaluation of Hungarian history and cultural history in the 20th century. In order to bring a new approach, our intention is to publish books, studies and articles that discuss these topics in a regional and a European context.

The introduction of the concept of European integration and its past and present history to the young generation is also regarded as a major task by “Napvilág”. At present this area is unfortunately almost completely absent from the Hungarian literature.

Beside the renewal of the content of our publications we are also opening towards new forms of publication (e.g. e-book, online sales, etc.) and towards the social media. Our aim is also to cooperate with foreign publishers with the same profile and publishing philosophy. In our view they could further inspire “Napvilág’s” renewal process and both parties would benefit from the mutual cooperation and synergies.

“Napvilág’s” future, as well as the future existence of a contemporary publishing house which focuses on Hungarian social democracy depends on the success of these pursuits.




Dr. Márta Schneider  
executive director 

Mobile: +36 30 231 8555


Mailing Adress

Alkotmány utca 2, Budapest, Hungary 1054
Phone: +36 1 311 4866
FAX: +36 1 301 0577



The Book Series – 20 Years after

Are the last twenty years the story of lost illusions? Are they about the curse of our own fortune? About the fight of traitors and the sincere? The authors of our series, historians, economists, sociologists, social psychologists, jurists try to interpret the recent past and the present in a critical approach, but avoid adjudicating. All of them use the methodological tools of their professions, and try to process their questions of study and show how the Hungarian society, economy, politics and culture have formed in these two decades.

We hope that our volumes will help understand our development as well as promote realistic national self-recognition and the emergence of new contents, ideas and programs. We put faith in the debates that may enrich and colour the intellectual and scientific life thanks to this series. These could give the base of a new national vision – after twenty years.



The volumes of the series “20 Years After”

László Andor: The Lost Leader. Success and failure in the Economic Policy of the Regime Change

Gábor Egry: Familiarity and Foreignity. Nation and Politics in Hungary after the Regime Change

Zsuzsa Ferge: Social flows and individual roles

Zoltán Fleck: Change and Unchangingness. The Hungarian Legal System after the Regime Change

Béla Galló: The Old World Politics of the New Capitalism

Lajos Héthy: Civil Talk or Party Talk? Interest Reconciliation Today

György Hunyady: The Soul of the Hungarian Society

Ferenc Krémer: The Age of Bad Solutions. The Delusions of Law Enforcement Policy in the First 20 Years of the Transition

László Laki: Regime Change or the “Great Transformation”

Zoltán Ripp: Squandered Chances?

Balázs Sipos: Media and Democracy in Hungary

Attila Wéber: Transformations. Resume of the 20 years of the Hungarian right

Zoltán Pitti: The Transformation and Structural Problems of the Hungarian Economy

Zoltán Lakner: Paths and mazes. The 20 Years of the Hungarian Socialist Party

Péter Balázs: Hungary and Europe